Swivel 5x1.25 300lb Height 6.25in.
SKU: 113-635
MPN: 1050-300S-URPD-GA-S330-BF-LU-RS-ZK
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Rig: Stainless, 1.5in lead. Wheel: Gray urethane on polyolefin with delrin bearing. Attach: Plate 2.5x3.75 holes 1.75x2.875 to 1.75x3, for .3125in bolt. Option: Face brake, lube axle, raceway seals, stainless spanner, ss zerk. Order: 113-635
Products specifications
Wheel Bearing Delrin Bearing, One Piece
Wheel Diameter 5"
Product Type Swivel Caster
Caster Series Finish Light Medium Duty, Stainless
Wheel Tread Core Urethane on Polyolefin
Caster Attachment Bolt Holes 1.75x2.875 to 1.75x3"